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VDACS Produce Safety webpage
The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services received federal grant funding in 2016 to establish a Produce Safety Program within the Office of Dairy and Foods.  This new regulatory program will work to address the growing, packing, holding and dissemination of produce grown on farms and will encourage the safe production of fruits and vegetables and promote understanding and compliance with the FDA Produce Safety Rule and state legislation.

Food Innovations Program
The Food Innovations Program provides assistance for Virginia’s food processing industry to produce high quality, safe, and innovative food products, and provides excellent information about food safety, pertinent food regulations, and general concerns associated with starting a food business.  The Food Innovations Program also offers food testing services to help ensure food safety and regulatory compliance for new food products entering the market. In addition, this program can provide nutrition facts panels for your product's label.  The website provides links to many resources.

HACCP: What It Is and What It Isn’t
A brief paper on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). Devon Zagory, Ph.D., Davis Fresh Technologies, LLCDonna Garren, Ph.D., United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

Microbiological Testing of Fresh Produce
A White Paper on Considerations in Developing and Using Microbiological Sampling and Testing Procedures if Used as Part of a Food Safety Program for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Products. United Fresh Produce Association Food Safety & Technology Council Microbiological Testing of Fresh Produce

The Food Recall Manual
This excellent manual provides guidance on developing food recall plan. University of Florida

Food Safety Culture Team
This website, a partnership of the Department of 4H-Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences at North Carolina State University, places emphasis on engaging individuals in dialogue about food-related risks, controls and benefits, from farm-to-fork, and provides reliable, relevant information in culturally and linguistically appropriate formats to assist people in identifying, understanding and mitigating the causes of foodborne illness.

Organic Certification
Sometimes organic certification is confused with food safety certification; however, organic certification does not audit a producer for their food safety practices.  The links below can provide some helpful guidance about the USDA Organic certification program.

Antibiotic Resistance
Reducing Antibiotic Resistance from Farm to Fork
To learn more about our interdisciplinary work at Virginia Tech with antibiotic resistance, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance genes, visit our website. The website contains lots of up-to-date information including videos, factsheets, and other content.  You can also follow us on social media at our Facebook page.

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